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MMJ Real Estate Services

MMJ Real Estate Group have a strong track record of providing world class real estate services to a range of clients on all aspects of residential & commercial real estate sales, leasing, property management, town planning and property valuation.

Our dedicated team of real estate agents provide tailored, personal and high quality service, drawing on their considerable knowledge, experience and market intelligence to deliver exceptional results in all aspects of real estate services.

MMJ Real Estate have an impressive array of commercial real estate for sale

Commercial Real Estate Sales


If you are looking to sell your commercial real estate property, look no further.

The MMJ commercial real estate team will use their considerable knowledge and experience, combined with the latest marketing technology to find a good buyer and get the best possible return on investment.

To find out how the MMJ Commercial Real Estate team can help you sell your commercial property contact us today and one of our Commercial Real Estate team will be in touch shortly. 

Enquire about our commercial sales services.

MMJ Real Estate can find you the perfect commercial property for lease

Commercial Real Estate Leasing


Looking for suitable commercial real estate to lease? MMJ Real Estate have many high quality commercial properties for lease across the Illawarra, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra. These include retail space, office space, showroom, warehouse, factory and blocks of land which are ready to lease. 

Enquire about our commercial leasing services.

MMJ Real Estate provide stress free commercial property management

Commercial Real Estate Property Management

The MMJ commercial real estate property management team can make your property management a stress free experience.

Our commercial property management team does more than collect the rent. We can:

  • Advise you on a suitable commercial lease agreement which will provide the best ROI
  • Take care of day to day communications with your tenants
  • Ensure your property is being well maintained and looked after
  • Keep you up to date with the latest market trends which may impact on your property’s rental and/or sale value

To discuss your commercial property management needs and how MMJ can help you get the best possible ROI on your commercial investment - get in touch with the MMJ commercial real estate property management team.

MMJ Residential Real Estate Services

Residential Real Estate Services

MMJ Real Estate have a wealth of experience in all aspects of residential real estate services including

  • Residential real estate buying and selling
  • Residential property rentals
  • Residential real estate property management
MMJ Real Estate have a quality portfolio of houses for sale

Residential Real Estate Sales

With over 50 years experience in residential real estate sales, the MMJ Real Estate team are well placed to create a stress free and effective sales process, delivering you the best possible sales outcome.

Your MMJ real estate agent will provide you with a tailored and high quality property sale service which will include:

  • Pre selling advice
  • Property sales and negotiation
  • Marketing
  • Sale by auction (if applicable)

Alternatively, if you are looking for residential real estate properties for sale we have an extensive range of properties in the Illawarra and in Perth including apartments, units, blocks of land, townhouses, villas and houses for sale.

MMJ Real Estate have a range of properties for rent

Residential Real Estate Leasing

MMJ’s residential real estate team can assist you in finding the perfect property to rent. We have an extensive portfolio of residential real estate properties across the Illawarra and a selection of properties in Perth which are ready to lease. We will work with you to understand your rental requirements in relation to budget, size, location etc and match you with a list of suitable properties which match your wish list. Simply browse our residential rental listings and contact the assigned real estate agent to arrange an inspection.

MMJ Real Estate can help you with your residential property management needs

Residential Real Estate Property Management

With over 50 years experience in the rental property market, you can be assured that the MMJ residential property management team have the knowledge and experience required to look after your investment property and provide you with the best possible return on investment. MMJ Real Estate’s property management experts will provide you with:

  • Advice regarding an appropriate rental price and terms & conditions, ensuring you receive the best possible ROI
  • The most up to date real estate marketing technology and systems to finds the right tenant for your property.
  • Education and guidance around real estate industry trends and changes to the rental market,ensuring you understand any impact on your rental or resale value
  • Complete management of your property - we do more than just collect the rent. We liaise with your tenant, monitor & manage arrears and organise property maintenance & inspections

To discuss your residential property management needs and how MMJ can help you get the best possible ROI on your rental property investment - get in touch with the MMJ residential real estate property management team.

MMJ Real Estate Strata Management Services

Strata Management

With both residential and commercial strata title premises becoming more prevalent, it makes sense to engage an experienced strata management partner who can deliver specialised knowledge and governance.

MMJ can take charge of your strata management arrangement through the provision of services such as:

  • Specialised strata management
  • Owners corporation relationships & communications
  • Insurance & legal compliance
  • Repairs & maintenance
  • Funds management

For further information on how MMJ can take some of the stress out of your strata management - get in touch with the MMJ real estate strata management team.

MMJ Real Estate Property Valuation & Consultancy

Property Valuation & Consultancy

Accurate and impartial property valuations are an essential part of any real estate transaction, whether you are buying or selling.
MMJ Property Valuation Services provide expert valuations on commercial, industrial and residential real estate properties for a range of purposes, including sales and purchases, obtaining finance, performance measurement, financial reporting, development feasibility studies, insurance and asset purposes.
We also assist in providing property valuations for objections to rating and taxation valuations and for compulsory acquisition cases, as well as due diligence investigations for property investments and capital gains and GST issues.
As highly trained and experienced Certified Practising Valuers, we are members of the Australian Property Institute, and regularly undertake Continuing Professional Development courses through the API to ensure that we are fully versed on the latest property trends and legislative requirements.
We also strictly adhere to the API’s Code of Professional Conduct, Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct. MMJ’s experienced Valuers have been providing property valuation services to global oil companies for over 30 years.

For further information about MMJ property valuations please contact us and one of our property valuation team members will be in touch shortly to discuss your needs.

MMJ Real Estate Town Planning Services

Town Planning

MMJ Real Estate’s Town Planning team are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all facets of the town planning process. We specialise in the following elements of town planning:

  • Site inspection and advising of site potential
  • Strategic planning and design
  • Retail and environmental impact assessments
  • Development applications and negotiation
  • Appeals
  • Project management and guidance throughout life of project
  • Development promotion

If you would like further information about MMJ Real Estate’s Town Planning services, contact us and a member of the town planning team will be in touch shortly.

MMJ Real Estate Project Marketing Services

Project Marketing

MMJ Real Estate are please to provide high quality and innovative project marketing services as part of our real estate services offering. We have extensive experience in providing sales and marketing to a range of development projects including but not limited to: apartment buildings, townhouses, land & housing projects and housing estates. MMJ’s project marketing is available throughout the development lifecycle, from pre development promotion to post project completion activities such as a site handover. We will develop sales and marketing strategies which are personalised to your project and will provide feedback and guidance along the way to ensure you achieve your project marketing goals. To learn more about MMJ’s project marketing initiatives contact us and one of our project marketing team members will be in touch shortly.